SMS Marketing Application

TextBoard gives your agency the power to run multiple, complex texting campaigns from a single, clean, easy-to-use interface. TextBoard is the SMS marketing application built for those who need to offer their clients the best text message marketing experience.

Custom Text Message Marketing Solutions

Every agency is unique. Marketers, PR specialists and broadcasters have different demands, as do their clients. TextBoard is able to build on the advanced features already in use to give an agency's customers the perfect SMS marketing platform.

Integrate Social Networks

Update not only your SMS subscriber list but all Facebook and Twitter followers with each text messages that is sent through the TextBoard application. There is no need to log in to multiple accounts to keep customers informed. Setup is easy and takes only seconds!

Detailed SMS Marketing Analytics

Take text message marketing to a whole new level with sophisticated and detailed analytics to understand where your customers are coming from and how they engage with your brand. TextBoard allows you to compare texting campaigns, keywords and subscribers over time to maximize your text marketing results.

More Reporting

Manage Multiple Clients & Partners

TextBoard makes it easy to maintain all of your client accounts and their texting campaigns from a single terminal. Bill each account for system usage (including keywords and messages sent) at your defined rate right from the client billing suite.

Campaign Types

“This is going to grow into one of our best partnerships. The consumer benefits, the client benefits and ultimately our agency benefits from increased customer response and more revenue from our clients.”
John Cassidy - Partner, Duplicates INK

Industry Leading Features

TextBoard is the first true SMS provider to offer leading features like text message click tracking and social media updates seamlessly tied into your messages. TextBoard is also the first text message marketing application that allows you to manage multiple clients from one easy-to-use dashboard.

More Features

Robust System Capabilities

We take SMS marketing very seriously. We use only the best resources available to make sure your messages are sent on time, every time. TextBoard works with CSCA-recognized Tier 1 aggregators to handle fluid message delivery to all major US carriers.

System Capabilities

Dynamic Date Texting Campaigns

TextBoard is Built Just for Agencies Request a demo or call 843-603-1444 Using dynamic dates within Textboard helps to create an urgency around expiring text promotions or coupons. The date created is relative to when someone joins the campaign. Combine the dynamic date variable with our patent-pending staggered delivery messages to remind subscribers their coupon Read the Rest…

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